NYS Route 5 (Buffalo Skyway) Project, PIN 5134.48

The New York State Department of Transportation, in cooperation with the Federal Highway Administration, is preparing an Environmental Impact Statement for the NYS Route 5 (Buffalo Skyway) Project, located in Buffalo, New York.

The Buffalo Skyway/NYS Route 5 interchanges, approaches and infrastructure extend approximately 3.5 miles from Tifft Street to Church Street (see Project Location). Over the past few decades, this area has undergone a substantial change in land use with a focus on recreational, mixed-use, and waterfront development.

The purpose of the project is to realign the existing transportation network to support existing and planned recreational, mixed-use, and waterfront development in the Buffalo Outer Harbor and Inner Harbor areas. The project will also address the safety, operational, and capacity deficiencies of the highway connections that serve economic development areas and local communities within South Buffalo.

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Canal side
Buffalo Canal Side
Buffalo Marina

What's New

The Project Scoping Report was issued on August 28, 2020